Okayama University


Computer Engineering


We aim to establish new technologies of hardware and software for computer infrastructures. In computer hardware, we conduct interdisciplinary research on cutting-edge optical technologies (e.g., hologram memory and laser) and integrated circuits (VLSI) which act as the brain of computers. In computer software, we focus on the following research topics: construction methods of new operating systems (OS) and security technologies for OS, mobile devices, and IoT; technologies for supporting group collaboration with computers and networks; and interdisciplinary issues in artificial intelligence and computing technologies.


  • Prof. YAMAUCHI Toshihiro
  • E-mail: yamauchi@(okayama-u.ac.jp)
  • Operating System/System Software/Computer Security/System Security/IoT Security


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We are researching new OS structure and functions, and security technologies for OS, mobile, and IoT, focusing on operating systems (OS) and virtual machine monitors (VMM), which are fundamental software. As a new OS research, we have been developing Tender, an operating system with original functions. For security, we have been studying OS functions to prevent privilege escalation attacks, functions to prevent the leakage of classified information, and fundamental software to improve the security of IoT devices. We also conduct research on network operation technology.

Research on software security for IoT devices

To enhance the security of IoT devices, we have been studying fundamental technologies to improve the security of IoT devices from the viewpoint of system software. Specifically, we analyze the attack methods of IoT malware and study methods to prevent attacks and their effects even if software vulnerabilities exist in IoT devices, system software configuration methods to reduce the attack surface of IoT devices, and security policies and access control mechanisms that are optimized for each individual IoT device. 


  • Asst. Prof. KOBAYASHI Satoru
  • E-mail: sat@(okayama-u.ac.jp)
  • Network management / System operation


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Causal analysis of network log data towards root cause analysis of troubles

Network logs are useful data to determine the causes of network troubles, but their huge volume makes it difficult to analyze them manually. In this research, we develop operational support techniques with causal discovery approach to reveal causal relationships among log time series.



  • Prof. WATANABE Minoru
  • E-mail: py4m15xr@(okayama-u.ac.jp)
  • Information and communication / computer system / reconfigurable system, FPGA,Optically reconfigurable gate array 


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  • Asst. Prof. WATANABE Nobuya
  • E-mail: nobuya.watanabe@(okayama-u.ac.jp)
  • Programming Language Processor/Parallel Processing/Hardware Design System/Computer Architecture/Reconfigurable System/FPGA/Hardware Design Automation/Language Processor


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  • Assoc. Prof. NOMURA Yoshinari
  • E-mail: yoshinari.nomura@(okayama-u.ac.jp)
  • Operating system/groupware


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  • Assoc. Prof. Lin Donghui
  • E-mail: lindh@(okayama-u.ac.jp)
  • Multiagent Systems/Services Computing/Intelligent Computing


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Research on Intelligent Computing Infrastructures

The Research Framework of Intelligent Computing Infrastructures

We aim at designing and implementing Internet-based intelligent collaboration infrastructures and sociotechnical systems that enable autonomous cooperation and interaction among human, things, and services. Consequently, we conduct interdisciplinary research on artificial intelligence and computing technologies on the Internet.