Okayama University


Mathematical, Physical, Electronic and Information Sciences

Mathematical, Physical, Electronic and Information Sciences

Fostering human resources who have basic skills in the fields of mathematics, physics, information, electricity, and communication as well as the ability to develop artificial intelligence, analyze big data, and deal with quantum science, which are necessary for building a smart society (Society 5.0).


Course of Mathematics

Algebra Geometry Analysis Mathmatical Analysis

Course of Physics

Quantum Structural Physics in Correlated Matter Quantum Physics in Correlated Matter Physics in Advanced Functional Materials Materials Physics in Extreme Environments
Low Temperature Condensed Matter Physics Quantum Physics in Condensed Matter Physics of Solid Surfaces and Interfaces Physics of Condensed Matter
Quantum Many-Body Physics Astroparticle Physics High Energy Physics Extreme Quantum Pysics
Pysics of Quantum Universe

Course of Mathematical and Data Sciences

Mathematical Science for Data Engineering Applied Mathematics Mathematical Analysis of Models Numerical Analysis of Flow Phenomena
Statistical Data Analysis Spatio-Temporal Statistics Computational Statistics

Course of Computer Science

Computer Engineering Pattern Information Processing Intelligent Design Theory of Programming and Artificial Intelligence

Course of Information and Communication Systems

Mobile Communications Multimedia Radio Systems Distributed System Design Optical and Electromagnetic Waves
Information Security Network Systems

Course of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Applied Superconductivity Engineering Electric Power Conversion System Engineering Motor System Engineering Electronic Control Engineering
Microwave Circuits Nanodevice and Materials Engineering Multiscale Device Design Optoelectronic and Electromagnetic Wave Engineering