Okayama University


Physics of Quantum Universe

Based on knowledge and techniques developed in various fields of physics, such as particle-nuclear physics, astrophysics, and atomic, molecular, optical physics, experimental research leading to the construction of physics models beyond the new laws of fundamental physics: the particle standard theory. We are mainly carrying out table-top experiments that do not use high-energy accelerators. We have developed various key technologies such as high-performance lasers, high-performance detectors, targets with high quantum coherence, and molecular cooling techniques, and are conducting research using experimental apparatuses that are unique in the world.

  • Assoc. Prof. UETAKE Satoshi
  • E-mail:uetake (@okayama-u.ac.jp )
  • Atomic physics, Quantum optics, Particle physics


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Muonium is the simplest atom because its nucleus is elementary particle (point-like charge). Since there is no uncertainty comes from nuclear charge radius uncertainty like hydrogen, its energy level can be precisely calculated from the Standard Model (SM). Also if we use a recent laser technology, its energy level can be precisely measured. By using these combination of state-of-the-art laser technology and theory calculation, we can validate the SM very precisely.