Okayama University


Extreme Quantum Physics


  • Prof. YOSHIMURA Koji
  • E-mail: yoshimura@ (okayama-u.ac.jp )


Directory of Researchers 


  • Assoc. Prof. YOSHIMI Akihiro
  • E-mail:yoshimi@ (okayama-u.ac.jp)
  • Nuclear physics, Low-energy particle physics, Atomic physics


Directory of Researchers 

Based on knowledge and techniques developed in various fields of physics, such as particle-nuclear physics, astrophysics, and atomic and molecular physics, experimental research leading to the construction of physics models beyond the new laws of fundamental physics: the particle standard theory. We are mainly carrying out table-top experiments that do not use high-energy accelerators. We have developed various key technologies such as high-performance lasers, high-performance detectors, targets with high quantum coherence, and molecular cooling techniques, and are conducting research using experimental apparatuses that are unique in the world.