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Mobile Communications


This laboratory is working on research on new wireless technologies with the aim of realizing next generation mobile radio communication systems beyond 5G. Our major research challenges include OFDM/OFDMA and MIMO channel signal transmission to realize ultra high-speed and large-capacity systems with more than 10 Gbps, radio wave propagation and link budget technologies for seamless and flexible service area implementation. Furthermore, we are researching LED visible light communication as a new communication system, and wireless signal separation/demodulation technology aiming at the ultimate effective use of frequencies.

  • Prof. UEHARA Kazuhiro
  • E-mail: uehara@(okayama-u.ac.jp)
  • Mobile communication engineering


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Separation/demodulation technology for collided radio signals by using stored data batch signal processing

    Issues to be solved in the IoT era.

With the spread of IoT, the problem of interference and disturbance caused by a large number of sensor terminals has become apparent. We are researching a new technology that enables separation and demodulation of collided radio signals, which cannot be realized with conventional receivers. In this research, broadband received spectrum is temporarily stored in the cloud, and advanced stored data batch signal processing is performed using past, present, and future data. With this technology, we aim to realize the ultimate effective use of spectrum.



  • Assoc. Prof. TOMISATO Shigeru
  • E-mail: tomisato@(cc.okayama-u.ac.jp)
  •  Mobile communication engineering


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Broadband LED visible light wireless communications by spatially parallel signal transmission

Spatially Parallel Signal Transmission

Spatially parallel signal transmission which simultaneously transmits spatially parallel signal sequences with a lot of LED lighting and photodetectors on a receiver is studied to realize broadband LED visible light wireless communications with high-speed signal transmission of giga bit/s.