Okayama University


Multimedia Radio Systems


Our laboratory aims to 5G/6G wireless communication systems which can realize the high-speed wireless communication as “anytime, anywhere, anyone”. Our research topics are most on the MIMO wireless communication system, MIMO relay, Overload MIMO system, IoT relay, smart antenna technology as ESPAR, LCX and RIS, wireless communication with machine learning, IoT devices localization. We are also developing the wireless technology for smart sensing and communication, cognitive radio, learning technique and prediction methods for wireless environment.

  • Prof. DENNO Satoshi
  • E-mail: denno@(okayama-u.ac.jp)
  • Wireless communication /Signal processing/ 5G,6G wireless system/MIMO system/ relay communications


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New advanced wireless technologies such as 5G and Beyond 5G/6G and next-generation WLAN are making remarkable progress. For this hot research areas, we are researching on the technology to improve the wireless traffic or spectrum efficiency using multiple antennas such as MIMO technique, cooperation relay with multiple devices for IoT usage. We are also aiming to a smart autonomous decentralized control technique for wireless network and communications for the coming of the ubiquitous network and IoT society. Furthermore, the cognitive radio system, which can afford more flexible wireless spectrum resource for more effective usage of limited radio frequency resources, is also one of our research targets.


  • Asst. Prof. HOU Yafei
  • E-mail: yfhou@(okayama-u.ac.jp)
  • 5G,6G wireless system /IoT localization /smart antenna technology/machine learning for wireless system


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We are researching on the sensing and communication technology such as 2D/3D localization for multiple terminals over difference wireless environment using smart antennas such as leaky coaxial cables (LCX), ESPAR antenna. We are further improving the wireless capacity in a secure way with MIMO, beamforming, spatial modulation with the location information. Furthermore, with RIS antenna which can control the wireless channel, we are researching technologies for IoT localization, interference detection, localization, prediction using machine learning (ML) for millimeter system. Furthermore, the ML based data analysis, process and prediction technique for wireless environments such as manufactory are also our major objectives.