Okayama University


Multiscale Device Design


Research themes:
i) Design and application of novel artificial materials “metamaterials” that enable one to control light, electromagnetic, acoustic, and elastic waves as needed.
ii) Nanomaterials/devices design by first-principles and large-scale molecular simulation methods.
iii) Quantum-classical hybrid computation methods, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for designing the novel functionality of materials/devices.
In particular, we are currently focusing on “topological phononics” that is, as an analogy of physics on topological insulators/superconductors, a novel approach to the design of extremely efficient acoustic/elastic wave devices operating at ultra high-frequency (GHz) regimes.

  • Prof. TSURUTA Kenji
  • E-mail: tsurut-k@(okayama-u.ac.jp)
  • applied physics, nano-micro sciences, nanomaterials engineering, electronic materials engineering


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Based on an artificial material “phononic crystal”, a periodically arranged materials with different acoustic and elastic properties, we pursue “topological phononics” focusing on the band topology in the dispersion relation of the phononic crystal, which enables extremely low-loss acoustic and elastic waves operating in the ultra high-frequency range (GHz band).